In partnership with Sompo International, Anderson Benson has launched MotorCare by Anderson Benson nationwide.

Its a first-of-its-kind bus and motor coach Driver Deductible Forgiveness Insurance. The program’s launch comes after three years of research and work with the bus and motor coach industry to deliver a product that would greatly benefit both drivers and employers.

Tailor made for bus drivers in the entertainment and charter industry that often are solely responsible for $10,000 to $25,000 deductibles on the buses they drive for employers, MotorCare, for typically only three figures, will cover that deductible for drivers, potentially saving them tens of thousands of dollars in the case of an accident and protecting their livelihood in the process.

As any repair on these vehicles is extremely expensive, we find this coverage protects employer / driver relationships and can usher in a new era of stability in the industry. This is achieved by giving drivers relief from the stress of covering a crippling deductible cost in the case of any accident.

As a bonus, bus and motor coach drivers will also be allotted $2,500 of personal coverage if, for example, anything personally owned is stolen from the cabin. You can download our marketing document here.

For more information, contact Brent Daughrity.